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Well, this quirky-cool digital child of mine has been described as, “one of the most inspiring, weird and off-kilter collections of curated kitschy ephemera for the big-brained” and as “the New Yorker for the weirdos.” It’s also one of CreativeMorningsmost anticipated newsletters.”

For over eight years, I’ve been publishing Rusty’s Electric Dreams as a side-art project. I keep going because a) I enjoy creating it and b) people like it:

“…Rusty is brilliant and funny and curious about all sorts of things—her clients include Pee-wee Herman, Children’s Fairyland, and Burning Man—and every issue of the newsletter is full of wonderful stuff... Subscribe—it’s free!” — Fritinancy

“[It] never disappoints in having the latest and greatest links to funny, cool, interesting, kitschy, and often uplifting things happening across the internet. I have been a subscriber for several years and have even participated in some of the meetups and art card exchanges. It’s a very fun and unique community.” — Brittany

“It’s short, succinct, and filled with interesting links to stories and happenings that are off the world wide web’s mostly beaten paths… Rusty shares a voice and vision that is humorous, quirky, cheeky, smart, and always entertaining.” — Victoria

“…a perfect blast of information and entertainment: thought-provoking work, beauty, and absurd/subversive humor.” — Jenny

“…a unique smorgasbord of the fun, weird, and strangely engaging. It’s an ever-cool assortment of pop culture, technology, bohemian happenings, or wild card items you’ve never heard about but are glad you did.” — Kimberly

Ok, now it just sounds like I’m bragging 😆

Why subscribe? How about because it sounds like it might be cool and you want to check it out…? Start there and see how it goes. You’ll get the inbox zine sent to your email every couple of weeks or so and if you don’t like it, no hard feelings.

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